Tired paying a two year contract for your smartphone? Today, Motorola is offering a
affordable handset and in just $150
 You can actually enjoy smartphone without forcing to sign a contract.

This Moto E is smaller and not that have power than many handsets that are available on the market. However, this device will get the job done. The newest Moto E can connect to 4G LTE meaning it is sending message is faster and loading an application. The previous Moto E does not have the ability of running 4G LTE, this model still had the price tag of $130. Adding $20 shoppers will get the 4G LTE.

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Motorola Moto E will be delivered with Android 5.0 Lollipop. Screen size of this device is 4.5inch, most of smartphones had a 5inch or even greater, still bigger than the last Moto E, which was 4.3inch. Screen resolution is bit fall short for many users because it only has 540x960. The processor is Qualcomm that will help run the device faster. When it comes to camera, the new Moto E has a front facing unlike the old handset that does not have. Other great feature in Moto E is you can customize the color of the housing or bezel.

Motorola additionally ideas is to offer a 3G only Moto E, which is more likely cheaper its price.

Overall this Motorola Moto E is really cheap and practical smartphone for those people primarily consider the budget. You don’t need to suffer to pay a two year contract.