Do you have old Mobile phone like this Nokia 6300? Well me yes I do have and using it till now the durability of Nokia 6300 is great. When Nokia produced the 6300, it wanted a telephone which was both beautiful and straightforward, plus they appear to possess
accomplished this goal beyond all anticipation. The Nokia 6300 is elegant in the simple design, although having more functionality than you'd provide credit for, especially because it is not really a wise phone nor is there 3rd generation. However it comes with most anything else you'd want from the contemporary cell phone, together with a 2-megapixel camera and video recorder, a music player and Radio.

Remarkably lightweight for any cell phone having a metal casing, the slim, sleek phone is neither too wide nor not big enough, and fits perfectly inside your hands and in your wallet, the awesome stainless finish smooth to touch. Unlike most slim phones, it does not seem like it might all of a sudden crack into two it feels quite sturdy despite its shape and size. Additionally, it offers large keypads for simple calling and text texting, along with a five way navigation key that could take a little of becoming accustomed to, but is sensible nevertheless.

The gorgeous color screen, at a top quality 320x240 pixel resolution with 16 million colors, is really effective that it's obvious even just in sunlight. However, it utilizes a lot of battery, which is among the couple of complaints of customers of the phone. Minimal use will ensure three times of battery existence, but when you utilize your mobile regularly for texts, calls or perhaps games, you will be charging your 6300 more frequently than you'd other models.

Using email and web surfing also drains battery faster than usual, but while using email may be worth the greater frequent have to connect. The customer supports several email services which are presently popular, for example Yahoo and Gmail, and includes two browsers, a typical Nokia browser and also the Opera Small browser.

The Two-megapixel camera is ideal for taking casual photographs for delivering over MMS or viewing over your pc, although not advisable for print outs, as numerous have discovered the standard to become grainy. Your camera does not have expensive either; however the evening mode is effective enough for that flash's absence to become a problem. There is not a really large memory for storing lots of music, except when you get another sd card a 2GB memory allows you store 480 tunes. The Radio works fine, even though you will not have the ability to participate in it using Bluetooth wireless earphones, which is only for calls and also the very good music player.

Some customers have belittled this phone because of not being Symbian based, meaning you can't download many programs and software which you may find helpful, but other people who have no need for the working platform and also have thought it was could slow your phone lower are relieved. The 6300 responds rather rapidly without Symbian, and downloads data using GPRS/EDGE. You may also transfer files towards the mobile using Nokia PC Suite.

A distinctive gift from the 6300 is its wireless functionality. It's SyncML to synchronize your calendar and phone list, and may change your firmware easily too.

The 6300 is elegant and classy, however with substance beneath all of the style. An astonishing number of purchasers of the mobile unit adore this phone.