The first time I saw this Cell phone I was pretty amazed by its shape, some of my friends call it a leaf cell phone but I don’t care as long as I have it that was back then early 2005.

Nokia one of the biggest cell phone maker in the world, provides a broad variety of mobile phones from the simplest to innovative Smartphones running Symbian Series 60. The 7610 is one of the Nokia high end mobile phone ways back mid 2004. Operating with the 2 versions of Symbian Series 60 and providing just about each feature you may want. Depending on the similar series 60 program used by the pioneering 7650 and 3660, the Nokia 7610 was a huge break for multimedia phone that features a 1 megapixel digital camera and up to ten minutes of video saving. The phone comes with movie manager apps, so you can shoot and modify your movies on the move, this mobile phone really rocks.

Nokia 7610 has a style that many people find stunning and very desirable and it becomes heads wherever we go. Available in black or white as expected (but I don’t know if it still exists these days). The Nokia also sells Express On to change the colors depend on your fashion or style. 

Below is the Features you might want to know about the Nokia 7610.