Friday, November 29, 2013

Do you have old Mobile phone like this Nokia 6300? Well me yes I do have and using it till now the durability of Nokia 6300 is great. When Nokia produced the 6300, it wanted a telephone which was both beautiful and straightforward, plus they appear to possess
accomplished this goal beyond all anticipation. The Nokia 6300 is elegant in the simple design, although having more functionality than you'd provide credit for, especially because it is not really a wise phone nor is there 3rd generation. However it comes with most anything else you'd want from the contemporary cell phone, together with a 2-megapixel camera and video recorder, a music player and Radio.

Remarkably lightweight for any cell phone having a metal casing, the slim, sleek phone is neither too wide nor not big enough, and fits perfectly inside your hands and in your wallet, the awesome stainless finish smooth to touch. Unlike most slim phones, it does not seem like it might all of a sudden crack into two it feels quite sturdy despite its shape and size. Additionally, it offers large keypads for simple calling and text texting, along with a five way navigation key that could take a little of becoming accustomed to, but is sensible nevertheless.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Close yet not than Perfection

With cell phones searching to narrow the space constantly between themselves and also the devoted PDA mobile phone models available on the market - the iPhone springs in your thoughts - producers like Industry (RIM) are needing to try even harder to create their items stick out. Check the Blackberry 8300 Curve.

The very fact this new Blackberry originates out so right after the 8800 model states everything there's to understand about precisely how good cell phones are right now - RIM is clearly concerned about the diminishing market. However, PDA’s such as the Blackberry 8300 Curve can continue to offer some features cell phones can’t, and it is these functions which make this this kind of exciting product.

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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

One of my personal favorite mobile phone the Nokia 6500 slide in silver and believe it or
not its still working until today, I bought my phone 2007 - 6 years later still in good condition.

Known for their candy-style handsets - Nokia has become more compatible with slide design mobile phone.

The good news about the 6500 slide Nokia raised the bar when in how mobile phone should look, with a sleek design - stainless steel with discreet rubber strips for a better grip, its certainly one of the most attractive slide design phones of the market back then (for me until today). The sliding feature itself is extremely well handled, with smooth motion that controlled by 2 way springs.

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Samsung called the king of slider design phone - and Nokia is the leader when it comes to features, Sony Ericson (SE) has always been the biggest manufacturer when it dome down to normal style cellular phones. This phone is the old one and I want to make some review about this T650i model, and i don't have any idea if still out of the market after their biggest break in smartphones. lets back to old days :)

T650i comes in a classy stainless steel and scratch-resistant LCD display that makes this a great addition to anyone's mobile user.

First thing that you will notice about SE T650i is the unique design, the stainless steel top half couple and going to traditional plastic bottom half, definitely a model that stands out from the crowd, especially the assorted colors. When you hold this phone it feels something that could take  a bit damage.

Posted on Tuesday, October 08, 2013 by jelai angela