Samsung called the king of slider design phone - and Nokia is the leader when it comes to features, Sony Ericson (SE) has always been the biggest manufacturer when it dome down to normal style cellular phones. This phone is the old one and I want to make some review about this T650i model, and i don't have any idea if still out of the market after their biggest break in smartphones. lets back to old days :)

T650i comes in a classy stainless steel and scratch-resistant LCD display that makes this a great addition to anyone's mobile user.

First thing that you will notice about SE T650i is the unique design, the stainless steel top half couple and going to traditional plastic bottom half, definitely a model that stands out from the crowd, especially the assorted colors. When you hold this phone it feels something that could take  a bit damage.

Design wise - the handset buttons are more smaller than the average mobile phones, even Sony Ericson in the past and today which have been small enough, keyboard buttons are small too and as such may cause problems for big finger users :)

T650i is a lot better than previous models of Samsung due to its LCD build, just by looking at it you can tell that it won't scratch that easily. The only drawback with the front design is that the expansion of slot that located behind the battery cover, you have to remove first if you want to expand your memory.

One more problem is that although the screen is heavy-duty when it comes to standing up to pressure, sadly it can't be said for its quality image.Not so here – although images look fine of the phone itself, if you’re transferring to a computer the story’s different. The stills look washed out, and for a lot of people who use their phones to upload to MySpace, etc, that’s not acceptable.

Sound quality is good - though which really surprising. Everything from MP3 to AAC and eAAC+ are supported, as is an FM radio and when you listen through Bluetooth handset the result is quite impressive. This Transfer to the call quality as well, which is clear and loud enough.

One of the cool feature is the light shot that SE has deemed to include with the T510i, although some people call this gimmicky, having series of vivid lights traveling up and down tor your hone when a text message arrives. as added feature you get time controlled theme wallpapers of Christmas is coming and hope its still available :) you can get festive backdrop, and if Valentines day you can see hearts and.  Cool huh!

Add a little desktop stand for you to place the phone in when not in use. you've got pretty good package with T560i - and still hoping its still available but in some cases this kind of phone are available online those who are selling second hand mobile phones or used cellphones. you can check some peoples choice at reviews, or check the browse to other online. Well Thanks for your time hope you enjoy reading.